Bausonn Food Truck

We have more than 27 years of experience and more than 800 food trucks manufactured in different models, which consolidates us as a European leader in the manufacture of food trucks and trailers themed trailers. At Bausonn, we not only sell units for the gastronomic use, but also for all types of activities, trades and professions in private, cultural, artistic, musical, sports events, hotel facilities, shopping centers, schools and public roads.



European approval documentation for street vending by the Ministry of Industry (technical sheet / ITV) and health certificate for food trucks from 200 to 750Kg and from 751kg to 1,500Kg.


Main Advantages


Choose the corporate colors and designs that will differentiate your business. We help you define your project.



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Food Truck manufacturing details

European street vendor approval 4051 CE for 750Kg. and 4151CE for 1,500Kg. Sanito-alimentary certification of coatings and work areas. One-piece head, with four layers of reinforced fiberglass.

Chassis in iron profile with German axles, welded in one piece with wire and gas welding. High resistance iron cage to side and rear impacts. Joined to each other and to the chassis by 300 welding strands of wire (9m. Linear) Sealed and riveted that secure the galvanized sheet metal plates. All components of the trailer hitch, bearings, stabilizers, handbrake, wheel brakes are German. Swedish non-slip phenolic flooring.

Low profile wheels in special width of 6 canvases for 750Kg. and 12 canvases for those of 1,500Kg. Gate with triple facing hinge 'High security' with hydraulic arms. 2 gas grids, 4 anchors and 2 tractors to hold bottles and wheels.

Stainless steel logo, chrome mirrors, headlights with bulb and chrome arm windscreen wiper. Front bumper with 4 “Anti-block” rivets Hanging bar with two arms, in stainless steel and customizable natural wood. Chrome dotted tailgate or side door latch with 5 sets of keys. Galvanized main gate latch and Mauser system.

1100 +
Food Trucks
27 +
Years of
M2 from factory
and show room
15 +
Export countries

What do our customers say about us?


We present our right eye and our left eye. The Yenca foodtruck and the Taxi truck. These two tricks that give us and our customers so many joys. Since they were manufactured so meticulously and with so much affection at Bausson Foodtruck, We have come a long way to turn them into the rolling image of our brand, passing through design markets, gastronomic fairs, festivals, concerts and sporting events throughout the National territory. From the YENCO Group, we do not want to miss this opportunity to greet the great human team of Bausson Foodtruck. Keep doing these wonders on wheels, which for many have become much more than a business. They are an opportunity, a dream, a way of life ...


I want to thank the Bausonn team who were coordinating everything by phone from the first moment, helping me and guiding me.

I am super happy with my food truck.

From Switzerland I recommend them and I hope to be able to buy the second one soon.

Dennis empanadas Suizas

A dream come true thanks to the help, advice, involvement and professionalism of the entire Bausonn team.

Always offering the best in technical and human terms.

Thank you.


It has been a real pleasure to buy the 3 food trucks from you.

Your professionalism and advice have been of great help at all times.


Since I decided to start my empanadas business in Germany, one thing was clear for me, that I wanted a vehicle as special and unique as my product. After an extensive search on the Internet I came across Bausonn Food truck company, and I immediately knew that this is what I wanted, I contacted the company and in a short time we had a trailer ready !, it was very fast, very professional, very good communication. I have had the Food truck for 3 months, I am happy, when I enter each market where I go, I feel the gaze of admiration and curiosity from the people. Without exaggerating, I think that 50% of my success is due to the Food truck!