Bausonn Food Truck

Bausonn Food Truck was born in 1993 from the passion, enthusiasm and experience of the Retromania team, manufacturing fixed food trucks for bars, hotels, shopping centers, etc. Over the years we have perfected the system to be towed by road . Retromania was created in 1989 manufacturing theme bars and restaurants. With an experience of more than 30 years and more than 1000 theme bars, pubs, restaurants and hotels manufactured and installed throughout Europe and in the United States, it is the leading company in the sector of the thematic hospitality.

In our 5000m2 workshop we manufacture 10 different Food Truck models as well as exclusive vehicles with customer specifications. The manufacture of our Food Trucks is the result of a team of highly experienced and multidisciplinary professionals of creatives, designers, engineers, welders, body builders, carpenters, upholsterers, modelers, draftsmen, decorators and craftsmen.

The experience of having manufactured more than 800 units of Food Trucks, offering innovation and creativity, as well as the unbeatable value for money make an excellent investment for our customers.


Our first food truck